After Hours

Dear Kiki

Dear Kiki—We’ll miss your presence and your voice, but we’ll think of you fondly whenever we see an outrageous pair of reading glasses, a particularly well-turned phrase, or that perfect shade of red lipstick. Kiki O’Connell was a long-time friend and ardent supporter of Vreeland Marketing & Design, and a personal friend to many of

Jess Goes West

Jess Goes West

Until this summer, the furthest Jess had been was Texas. Although she didn’t make it all the way to the west coast, she did knock three rocky mountain states off her list. In two whirlwind trips she visited Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. Jess loves her Maine summers, but being away was worth it. Both trips

J-24 North Americans

And there we were – day one of the four-day J-24 North American Championship – sailing on our beloved Casco Bay. It was a light air day. Bad Apple, bow #44, was jockeying for position at the starting line along with 49 other seasoned sailors from around the world. The caliber of the racers was

2015 Twilight 5k

Team Vreeland at 2015 Twilight 5k

The Vreeland crew gave cancer a run for it’s money again this year at the Twilight 5k on June 11th in South Portland. We walked and ran in memory of Midge and so many others – and in support of the Maine Cancer Foundation, raising $1,700 as a team. The Twilight 5k takes place at Southern

All Geared Up

Who wouldn’t want to spend a cloudy day atop One City Center in Portland? I, for one, jumped at the chance to volunteer for Rappel for Rippleffect. The event was part of Rippleffect’s fundraising efforts, which directly contribute toward furthering their mission to provide Maine Youth with positive, life-changing experiences through outdoor adventure. As a volunteer

Curl Girl

Our own Media Director, Ruth Finegold has embraced a new sport – arena curling. Through the Pine Tree Curling Club, Ruth and many others are being to introduced to the Olympic sport of curling in southern Maine. From a besom broom (the traditional name for the device used to sweep ahead of a moving stone),

Chick Dynasty

Content Director Kiki O’Connell loves a good outfit. In Duck Dynasty country that means camo. Kiki and friends were visiting Vreeland Founding Partner Emeritus Stew Vreeland in Fort Necessity, Louisiana. That’s very near Monroe, Duck Dynasty central. To blend, the girls went all camo with a vehicle to match. Camo is the new black. You

Middle School Marketers Ready for Super Bowl

Rebecca Morse shared her experiences as a creative director with Freeport Middle School students – and learned something herself: When it comes to creative, they think big. The school event was designed to educate and inspire kids about future professions. Discussions ranged from a typical day-in-the-life at a marketing agency to their favorite Super Bowl

That Girl? She’s Going to Shine (Again)

We celebrated Shireen Shahawy’s exciting move into full-time voiceover work with a surprise going-away party. Shireen loves her Starbucks, so Creative Director & VP Rebecca Morse designed a Starbucks-like logo using the cute curly-haired icon Shireen uses for her business, That Girl Can Read.  Rebecca used the logo everywhere from lapel buttons to a travel mug

How Many Cooks Does it Take…

… to make the best holiday party ever? Everyone at Vreeland pitched in for our first-ever office brunch. Some highlights: Fresh waffles from Jess Wallace with maple syrup and strawberries, Sheldon’s home-made biscuits with fresh blueberry sauce, Dori’s famous financiers from the Standard Baking cookbook, Jeff’s world-renowned monkey bread, delicious smoked salmon from Katherine, along