Articles by Rebecca Morse

J-24 North Americans

And there we were – day one of the four-day J-24 North American Championship – sailing on our beloved Casco Bay. It was a light air day. Bad Apple, bow #44, was jockeying for position at the starting line along with 49 other seasoned sailors from around the world. The caliber of the racers was

All Geared Up

Who wouldn’t want to spend a cloudy day atop One City Center in Portland? I, for one, jumped at the chance to volunteer for Rappel for Rippleffect. The event was part of Rippleffect’s fundraising efforts, which directly contribute toward furthering their mission to provide Maine Youth with positive, life-changing experiences through outdoor adventure. As a volunteer

Curl Girl

Our own Media Director, Ruth Finegold has embraced a new sport – arena curling. Through the Pine Tree Curling Club, Ruth and many others are being to introduced to the Olympic sport of curling in southern Maine. From a besom broom (the traditional name for the device used to sweep ahead of a moving stone),

Chick Dynasty

Content Director Kiki O’Connell loves a good outfit. In Duck Dynasty country that means camo. Kiki and friends were visiting Vreeland Founding Partner Emeritus Stew Vreeland in Fort Necessity, Louisiana. That’s very near Monroe, Duck Dynasty central. To blend, the girls went all camo with a vehicle to match. Camo is the new black. You

The Plotting Thickens

Having mastered surfing two summers ago, Vreeland Content Director Kiki O’Connell set out to learn to sail. She signed up with Women Under Sail on the 44′ ketch Avatrice out of South Freeport, Maine. And you know what? It was fantastic. She and two other students learned how to read a nautical chart, plot latitude

Canine Cover Girl

Animals have a way of putting a smile on your face. Rebecca Morse’s boxer/beagle mix Sierra is no exception. Her insane devotion to her family and her love for adventure come in handy when there’s a camera around. Our own next top model, Sierra has starred on Bath Savings’ home page playing chase on Willard

ICL – A Labor of Love

Photo by Arthur Fink

Shireen thought she was volunteering for 30 hours. It turned out to be more like 40. But who’s counting? Especially when it was for an organization that is near and dear to her heart. Shireen Shahawy is an alum of the Institute for Civic Leadership. She is also a former board member and currently sits

Music that Moves Us

We were guests of MPBN at a behind the scenes Lunch and Learn. MPBN Director of Music and Morning Classical Music host Suzanne Nance gave a glimpse of her Music That Moves ME audio diary project. We heard the cutest 7-year-old talking about My Favorite Things and a man whose sail of a lifetime, complete

Oh, The Web We Weave

As we dove into the challenge of designing a new site for Vreeland, we kept in mind: everything we learned about ourselves through our message mapping process   cues from the digital world, including web, social media, video and online marketing   our analytical track record from our old site   bringing both visual and