Jessica Wallace

Digital Strategy Director

Jess is our in-house millennial, all about digital and social. She knows what’s new. And what’s next.

You look familiar. Been here before?
As a matter of fact I have. I was at Vreeland from 2007 to 2012. It was fun evolving the agency’s social media and online marketing. I returned in 2014. Now it’s all digital all the time.

What’s the best part of your job?
I love the left brain/right brain aspect of digital marketing. I enjoy the creativity of writing SEO content, blogs and social posts. I also love full-on analytics, crunching data to make sure our creative strategy is working. It’s great to be back at Vreeland where I can do both.

So analytics are …
A big part of it. If it’s measurable, I’ve got the data, or I’ll find a way to get it. The world of digital marketing analytics is fast moving and I love to keep up.

Digital and social move fast. How do you keep up?
We try to stay one step ahead to give our clients a strategic advantage. Anticipating the latest trends in social or online marketing and sharing that information with clients creates real value for us and for them.

We hear you’re something of an internet addict.
You’ve been talking to my husband, haven’t you? Hey, the internet is pretty cool. I may be an addict, but I discover something new and inspiring every single day. I’m a proud nerd.

You’re a graduate of the University of Maine at Orono. You’ve served on the Board of the Maine Public Relations Council. And you’re currently a co-organizer of Social Media Breakfast Maine. What do you do for fun?
My job is fun, but outside of work I like to be, well… outside. Camping, hiking, boating, running races — enjoying all Maine has to offer, and exploring near and far. My favorite pastime is going to the beach with my husband and our black Lab, Walter. Walter loves the water, anytime of year.