Katherine Gallant

Operations & Production Director katherine@vreeland.com

There’s nothing Katherine doesn’t do. And quite well, we might add. She oversees all client operations and watches every detail. She also has an incredible eye for photography, design and content. An operations executive who’s a smooth operator.

Love the pix you take of the Vreeland team.
We have a fun crew here. They’re easy to ‘shoot’.

What do you do at Vreeland?
I direct all workflow, including copy development, design and art production. My responsibilities run the gamut from preparing estimates and schedules for client projects to serving as in-house photographer.

So it’s big picture, small details?
That’s right. Good marketing consists of dozens of elements. You need to keep a big picture vantage, while managing every detail very closely.

What do you enjoy most?
I love working with the whole team on multi-dimensional marketing campaigns that deliver creative, successful work for our clients.

We’ve seen your photos in Vreeland client newsletters, brochures and press releases. Anywhere else?
My photos for The Cliff House Resort & Spa have been published in Spa & Healthy Living, Travel & Renewal Magazine and Travel: 50 & Beyond.

You hold a B.A. in Art from the University of Southern Maine. Not your typical VP Operations.
My college mathematics professor wanted me to be a math major! Ack. I was more into photography and ceramics. It’s left brain, right brain, and it’s fun seeing what both can do for our clients.

So when you’re not immersed in marketing ops, what do you do?
I enjoy photography, reading and spending time with my family. It’s fun walking in Yarmouth. I love hands-on artistry, do-it-yourself crafts and Pinterest.