Back to School

A few weeks ago, our Digital and Social Media Manager Erich Pobatschnig was called on in class. Not to answer a specific question, but to help judge the marketing projects of some young minds at Freeport High School. Erich had to take the bus on March 11th and 12th as he made his way into Mr. Stivers’ English class as a guest judge in a contest for the students.

The premise was pretty straightforward. Stivers and Vreeland had gotten their hands on some “Flepples” (image shown here), and had to get rid of them fast and cheap. Students were tasked with coming up with a way to turn these products into something marketable. They then had to create a marketing plan that included where the products would be sold, who the target market was, and how much they would cost.

The students were judged based on creativity, quality, and whether or not Erich felt their products could be sold. For the good of the fake company, the students delivered on some big ideas! Erich was impressed with just how creative the students were, and felt there was real potential in some of their ideas. The winning teams were presented with a million dollar check that is totally valid at any bank.