All Geared Up

Rappell for Ripple EffectWho wouldn’t want to spend a cloudy day atop One City Center in Portland? I, for one, jumped at the chance to volunteer for Rappel for Rippleffect. The event was part of Rippleffect’s fundraising efforts, which directly contribute toward furthering their mission to provide Maine Youth with positive, life-changing experiences through outdoor adventure.

As a volunteer for the event, my responsibility was to escort the rapellers to the rooftop. The job was slow-going, so when asked if I was interested in filling in for the event photographer on the roof, I responded with a resounding “YES – I’ll do it!”

After a short stint of being trapped in the elevator, I arrived on the rooftop in gear and very excited. The team proceeded to tether me to the rigging and double-strap the camera equipment. And for the remainder of the day I was a photographer in action at the edge of the 13-story building, photographing the courageous rapellers as they scaled their way down the side of One City Center.

My thanks go out to the members of Rippleffect as well as the phenomenal crew of Over the Edge for providing a thrilling experience for all involved.