Middle School Marketers Ready for Super Bowl

Rebecca Morse shared her experiences as a creative director with Freeport Middle School students – and learned something herself: When it comes to creative, they think big. The school event was designed to educate and inspire kids about future professions. Discussions ranged from a typical day-in-the-life at a marketing agency to their favorite Super Bowl commercials, including why some commercials were successful and others…not so much.

In each of her four 15-minute talks to different classes, Rebecca had students think of a product to brainstorm and market. Not surprising, considering this is middle school, two of the four groups chose deodorant as their product. Their ideas ranged from famous sports personalities to a commercial with a buff dude in Mexico at sunrise on a mountain top. Rebecca reminded them that every marketing plan has a budget – and that budget can play a large role in creative direction. See you at Super Bowl LIX, kids!