Articles by Sheldon Perkins

How to Increase the ROI of a Website

return on investment

An organization’s website should serve as the foundation for all of its marketing efforts. In order for a website to function as a sales prospecting and/or deal-closing tool (and every website should) it must be strategically planned and developed and then managed with discipline toward specific goals and objectives.

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Marketing Strategies to Overcome Business Volatility

market volatility

Few businesses enjoy predictable and continual stability. In some businesses, like tourism and retail, seasonal fluctuations are somewhat predictable but no less of a challenge to year-round sustainability. The following strategies and tactics can help to boost short-term business demand during a downturn without significant cost.

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How to Grow New Audiences for Businesses and Nonprofits

audience building

Most organizations reach a point when they realize that business growth is leveling off. In times like these it’s important to make strategic changes to tactics to build the base you need in order to support your goals and objectives. Here are some time-tested methods for changing the size and profile of your base.

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