5,000 Reasons to Be Proud

Vreeland Team at the 2014 Twilight 5k

Team Vreeland ran, jogged and walked the Twilight 5K on June 12 – and raised $5,000 for the Maine Cancer Foundation. We did it in honor of Midge Vreeland and others we love. Team Vreeland placed 4th in fund-raising, yes! And we won serious points for style: Everyone wore pink logo V-shirts that got props from the MCF. There were lots of personal bests. And Stew Vreeland (for whom a 5K is nothing – nothing – with his Italy, Iowa and Maine walks) was proud to have Zak, Wiley, Grayson and so many friends, colleagues and supporters on the team. This one’s definitely for you, Midge!

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