Choosing the Best Imagery for Your Marketing Campaign

Choosing Imagery for a Marketing Campaign

In the advertising world you are faced with a critical decision that can dictate the entire feel, attitude and success of your campaign: choosing the best imagery to communicate your brand. It’s a tall order and there are many avenues you can follow:

Stock Photography

Rights-managed photography is both a blessing and a curse. When you go this route, you need deep pockets. You’re subject to additional cost depending on where and when the image will be used. However, with that cost comes added security that your imagery will be unique in the marketplace.

Royalty-free stock photography is another handy option to have. It opens the door to some fabulous imagery. The important thing to keep in mind is that you run the risk of seeing the same image in other ads. That can cause your advertising effort to take a hit. The goal of imagery in your advertising is to increase belief in your product or service as well as generate excitement. The right image is memorable and, therefore, so is your name and brand.

Both stock photography options:

  • Save time
  • Can spark new ideas you hadn’t thought of
  • Guarantee quality
  • Give you the flexibility to search by color, subject, photo, illustration, price, shape, license type, image size and resolution

Your Own Photography

Today’s technology brings opportunity to your fingertips, literally. It’s as simple as using your smartphone to capture a moment. There is great selling power in using imagery that shares your story in a real way. Take lots of shots and choose the best (good lighting, good resolution) to really show off your brand. Once your have your image, it’s easy to use it across your marketing. Try it and see!