What to Click for a Thanksgiving That’s All Gravy

All Gravy Thanksgiving

Whether you’re an old pro or a first-time hostess, cooking Thanksgiving dinner comes with its challenges. There’s an art to timing everything just so – and to cooking a bird that may be large enough to fit on your head (remember that Friends episode?).

Surprise, surprise – the girl who loves eating almost as much as she loves technology has a few online resources for a Thanksgiving that involves more cheers, fewer fears and tears.

Bon Appétit’s Thanksgiving Headquarters

From basic how-tos to dealing with leftovers, BA has you covered with its Thanksgiving Headquarters. You’ll also find an entire article that makes the case for using a crockpot for part of the meal. (Yes!)

There’s also a BA Thanksgiving app for tablet that packages 100+ recipes, tips, how-tos and videos into a handy little kitchen companion. I have an iPad mount in my kitchen and love it.

My Favorite Kitchen Helper – Pepperplate

Pepperplate is another great mobile app for managing all of your recipes in one place. It also has menu and meal planning features that to keep you organized and on top of multiple timers at once. The shopping list feature is also pretty cool.

Watch & Learn

There’s a how-to video for everything these days. If you have a question, search it on YouTube. Bon Appétit and Alton Brown have some great starter playlists on their YouTube channels.

Thanksgiving Fails – Fixed

There, there. No need to cry over cracked pumpkin pie, dry turkey or mushy stuffing. Bon Appétit has you covered with this series of YouTube videos that shows you how to fix the three biggest Thanksgiving fails.

King Arthur Flour’s Baker’s Hotline

Call, email or chat live with one of KAF’s professional bakers. They’ll help guide you through any baking challenge. And they’re real people – meet them here. This is a great resource that’s available all year long.

Brag it on Instagram

Look at you, with that perfectly golden lattice crust. If it’s not on social media, did it really happen? Instagram it. King Arthur Flour wants to see what you’re making – use the hashtag #kafthanksgiving.

Don’t Forget to Move

Walk it off. Here’s some inspiration for you. If this little guy can do it, so can you.