Friday 5 – Fitness Apps for Twilight 5k Spring Training

Apps for running

Did you know it’s spring? The calendar says yes. The daylight does too. The weather lately? Not so much. Here we are, officially in May and I’m just not feeling it yet. Bring on the windows down, wind in your hair, sunshiney, spirit soaring days.

Nice weather or not, it’s time to get moving. In case you didn’t already know, we’ve got a team signed up for the Twilight 5k in June to raise funds to support the Maine Cancer Foundation. If you had the unique privilege to know our late dear friend and agency matriarch Midge Vreeland, you know why. Health and fitness was an important part of Midge’s life and we’ll be running and walking in her spirit and memory. We encourage anyone who wants to join us to sign up today! The more the merrier. And if running’s not your thing, you can donate to any of our team members’ fundraising efforts to support the cause.

So we have this 5k to get ready for. And maybe if we act like it’s Spring, the real thing will make an appearance. Motivation is key. So is routine. Turns out there are quite a few handy apps out there for our smartphones that can help with that. Here are some of my favorites that are available for iPhone and Android.

1. Get Running – Not a runner? This app will take you from non-runner to 5k pro in weeks. And make it feel easy. I, a self-proclaimed non-runner, used this one to train for my first Twilight 5k last year. A year later, I’m training for my first 15k. The plan starts you out walking most of the time. Before you know it, you’re running laps. Yes, really. The trainer cheers you on in her British accent. That part is less annoying than it sounds.

2. MyFitnessPal – Healthy eating is an important part of any training plan. This app helps you keep track of what you’re eating and how much water you’re drinking (hydrate!). It has a barcode scanning feature that makes it easy to add meals and snacks on the go. You can also set goals for yourself and it will make customized caloric intake recommendations and track your progress for you.

3. RunKeeper – This app is my best friend. I use it to track all of my runs, walks, bikes – everything. It uses GPS to keep track of distance, speed and elevation. I love that it lets me know when I’ve beat my personal bests. It also can be customized to let you know how far you’ve run every 5 or 10 minutes, depending on your preference. Runkeeper also syncs with MyFitnessPal to track how many calories you’ve burned. Another feature that I love/hate – it can remind you to work out if you want it to.

4. MapMyRun – Similar to RunKeeper, MapMyRun will log your workouts for you. It includes many of the same features as Runkeeper. Some people even like it better. I use it for it’s mapping feature, which really works best on a desktop computer. You can create routes and share them with friends (or keep them private, if you prefer).

5. Spotify – Nothing motivates like music. Spotify is a music app that lets you create your own playlists to listen to on the go. It also allows you to browse a huge library of pre-made playlists. There’s a run playlist for nearly every genre of music. You can even browse collections for yoga, stretching and more.

That’s just a sampling. There are so many great apps on the market with new ones appearing every day. We’ve also heard that a sturdy pair of sneaks is all you really need. That works too. Whatever gets you moving! Looking for more motivation? Join our Twilight 5k and come run with us on June 12th!