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Welcome to Friday Five, our ongoing blog series of exploration and discovery, where you’ll see things new and interesting that’ll get your creativity churning for the weekend. This week, discover the power of imagery through Instagram. See through the eyes of five different photographers who have used Instagram as a platform to share their passion. Be sure to take note of the unique ways these individuals have applied Instagram to their work. From coastlines to doorknobs, rusty metal to rock legends – you’ll be inspired.

RachaelTor Top 5 Instagrammer

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Racheltor – At first glimpse, many of Racheltor’s photos look like they could have been taken anywhere on the Maine coastline, so you might be surprised to learn they’re actually taken in Scotland. Although somewhat new to Instagram (only joined in February 2013), Rachaeltor has picked up the platform like a pro, tagging photos appropriately to help gain a good sized following. While good tags may be a good way to get more exposure, it ultimately comes down to the quality of the photographs, as Rachaeltor illustrates.

What to Expect: Followers are treated with a glimpse into Scotland that you won’t find in a travel brochure. She has a thing for churches and churchyards, old doors and doorknobs, the sea, rust, weathered paint, and buildings. Nature and light are themes that are commonly explored. From boats to abandoned factories, you can expect a lot of color, contrast, and style, as well as the occasional vintage outfit. You’ll also see some truly amazing landscapes. Scottish Tourist Board take note: this is how you make a fabled countryside look amazing with nothing more than an 8mp smartphone camera.

Corey Templeton State Theater Portland MaineNemo

Coreytempleton – Did you know that the man behind Portland Daily Photo has an Instagram account? When you’re actually looking for photos of the Maine coast, this is the place to be. The account is only 30 weeks old, but is filled with images that will leave you yearning for Portland. He often says that if he weren’t sharing photos online he would still be taking them, only they would just be collecting dust. Fortunately for us, his website and Instagram account provide the perfect platform.

What to Expect: Like Maine? Love Portland? Then this account is for you. You’ll see photographs of of all things Portland. Great framing and color work make these photos stand out more than most. It’s a truly great documentation of everything from extreme weather, to local institutions. Maine Tourist Board take note, if you haven’t already. A lot of other people certainly have!

Kris Goodman InstagramKrisjongoodman – You might not be into the abandoned building craze that Instagram is known for, and that’s okay. However, there are more than a few images on Kris Goodman’s account that may have you rethinking your position. His photos are impressive, and what’s more impressive is that they’re all taken with an iPhone camera. If you have any love for the American West (wild or otherwise) and it’s associated imagery, this account is for you. Take a closer look and you’ll understand what we mean.

What to Expect: Take one classic Western movie, like High Noon or Unforgiven. Add one part Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian movie, like The Road or The Book of Eli. Remove all people. Add a splash of interesting angles, dramatic lighting and simmer. Maybe you’ll have a different take on it, but either way you will be left wanting more from this Nevada based Instagrammer.

RockPosterArtInstagramRock_Poster_Art – This account was started when one Instagrammer realized that posters and prints were taking his account. He figured since there were already a ton of accounts dedicated to specific music based things like records and equipment, why not have one dedicated to music poster art? According to him, not only has starting the account allowed him to share some of his favorite artists and posters, but it has helped him discover and appreciate artists he hadn’t heard about before.

What to Expect: Posters and screen prints that were made for specific tours and shows for rock bands. It leans on the heavier side of rock bands, but even if you don’t know the artists, the artwork behind each print is pretty impressive. There’s even featured giveaways, so you might end up with a print of your own to display! If you have any sort of appreciation for the art craze that is screen printed band posters, rock_poster_art is right up your alley.

ImNoPro-InstagramIm_no_pro – You might not expect much with a name like this, but we can assure you that this account is worth following. Instagrammer im_no_pro has nearly a thousand followers, with good reason. An eye for photography, framing, and composition, combined with a job that requires travel around the state of Kentucky, add up to an account that will make you feel like you’re there.

What to Expect:
Erich, the person behind the account (and not the author of this post), loves decay. He consistently posts images so poignant that you can practically smell the rust and mold. Neat freaks beware, you may find these images disturbing. His followers are treated to a wide variety of things that have been left out in the elements and abandoned years ago. It’s somewhat similar to what you might see from Kris Goodman (see above), however there’s far more growth under the Kentucky sun, so it has a completely different feel. The use of color is especially interesting, as it doesn’t ever seem over-saturated, but just a little faded. Almost exactly like the subject matter itself.

If you haven’t tried Instagram, there’s no time like the present! One of the most interesting social media platforms available, this photo-sharing app gives you access to filters, effects, and other editing tools that will really make your images stand out. And you never know when an opportunity will present itself. Our Founding Partner, Stew Vreeland, Has an active Instagram account and recently heard from the owner of an Australian film company that is interested in printing a mural of one of Stew’s photos on the company’s boardroom wall!