4 Ways to Maximize the Value of Your Email Marketing List

Make the most of your email marketing list.

Is your email marketing working as hard as it could or generating results you need to help reach your business goals? Here are some easy-to-implement, cost effective and measurable ways to get the most out of your email marketing efforts.

Survey your customers and prospects

It’s easy to get into a rut of telling the same story through the same channels to the same (assumed) audience. Periodic research can help you more clearly define and better understand your most valuable audiences so you can hone your offerings and messages to align with their specific needs and interests. Surveying your email list will help you better understand where and how your audiences get their information, and can also help you maximize the ROI of your communication channel mix.
How email surveys can help improve your marketing

  • Allows you to listen and learn rather than just telling
  • Informs product and service offerings (additions, revisions, deletions)
  • Helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses as they’re perceived by your audiences
  • Is a low-cost option — research doesn’t have to be expensive or overly time consuming

Segment your subscriber list and deliver tailored messaging

With the information gleaned from customer research, it’s possible to define specific audience segments with shared interests and demographic characteristics. Segmenting an email list according to audience interests allows for more targeted messaging, offers and calls to action.

How email marketing segmentation can optimize your database

  • More relevant content, that is more engaging for each audience segment
  • Higher open rates due to stronger, more pertinent subject lines
  • Increased conversions driven by more specific and engaging messaging
  • Reduced unsubscribe rate because information is more applicable to the reader

Cross promote offerings and services to your best customers

Extending offers to segments that are predisposed to take advantage can help to drive incremental sales. On the other hand, trying to upsell a segment that is not likely to respond can motivate recipients to unsubscribe altogether. Cross promotion and upselling work best when presented to a segment that is likely to respond favorably. Knowing that an audience segment is apt to be receptive allows for more direct and specific communication.

How cross promotion can improve sales

  • Can increase income with add-on sales
  • Greater perceived relevance
  • Enriched customer experience

Incentivize email subscriptions

Offering an incentive for new list subscribers (e.g. a discount off a first purchase, exclusive offers, extended services, etc.) gives new subscribers a tangible reason to provide their contact information. It can also drive new sales during slower seasons and inspire recommendations to like-minded friends.

Why incentivize email subscribers?

  • Creates real value for subscribers
  • Likely to generate incremental sales
  • Increases likelihood of subscribing / sharing

Email is still a very valuable tool when it’s used properly with specific objectives. It’s also very measurable and provides the opportunity for direct click-through to your website or online store.