Super Bowl Ad Spoilers: Why It’s Not Just About Game Day

Fifty yard line

Unfortunately, for many New Englanders, Sunday’s big game really will be all about the ads. And that’s fine. At least there’s still a reason to watch – other than the food, of course. So even if we can’t enjoy the suspense of the game as much as we would if “our” home team were playing – we can look forward to seeing what the advertising pros are dishing up for the biggest audience of a single program. Or we can watch them now.

Oikos Super Bowl Ad SpoilerAdvertisers know how much time viewers spend on social media and the Internet in general. They know that a large portion of their target demographic is consuming media in different ways and they are taking full advantage of the social sharing frenzy. I think I saw the cute puppy Budweiser commercial pop up in my Facebook feed about 15 times starting earlier this week (probably more).

Releasing the big ads into the vast, new fodder-hungry “interwebs” a few days in advance is a tactic that requires little effort, costs almost nothing and creates a ton of buzz. I’ve been avoiding watching each and every one I catch a glimpse of because I like to save them for the event. But you can bet my curiosity has been peaked. And I have been primed: I will be looking out for those brands before they even have their official (and very pricey) moment. Although the expense of these ads has increased almost 75% over the past decade, it’s worth it. Free publicity and viewer (and non-viewer) attention makes it worth every penny.

For those of you that aren’t quite as nostalgic as I am for the good old days of game day viewing, Forbes will be keeping this list of 2014 Super Bowl ads updated as they become available. Enjoy the game!