We’ve Seen The Future (And it Includes Bacon!)

Social media wisdom for non-profits


Technology is changing our daily lives. Nothing new there. What’s new is hearing from folks who are actually doing it.  That’s what the March Social Media Breakfast Maine (SMBME) was all about.

March Social Media Breakfast MaineKatie Clark, one of a handful of Maine ‘explorers’ in a beta test for Google Glass, showed how it looks, how it works, what it does and where it’s going. The look? Not bad and getting better, a bit fashionista even. How’s it work? Simple. Just tap, or verbally summon ‘Glass’. Google Glass does everything from taking photos to updating you on your flight as you’re running through the airport. Instant translating, too. It’s going to provide valuable intel for everyone from casual users to first responders.

Joel Bolton demonstrated his skill as a Google Business Photographer where he evolves businesses from static online profiles to dynamic 360º photo presentations. Instead of simply looking you up online, prospects can get a panoramic look at your company from the inside out. It’s where Google Glass is going, and it’s available today.

Kyle Rancourt, a third generation shoemaker from Rancourt & Co., talked about the company’s handcrafted product – and new media marketing. Rancourt recently introduced an online shoe customization tool. Full disclosure: Vreeland designed it! The interactive tool lets shoppers customize their shoes in every detail, and share them on Facebook – for a crowd-sourced critique.

Three great speakers, three great reasons not to miss the next SMBME event. That and bacon. See you there!