Bringing the Big Apple Brand to Life

Branding for Big Apple Food Stores

Big Apple is family-owned convenience store chain with 70+ stores across Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. When the company was experiencing a lack of brand awareness and a decline in fuel sales due to low gasoline prices, they partnered with Vreeland to help raise their brand profile and drive in-store sales to offset fuel losses.

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Start Smart. Finish Strong.

Southern Maine Community College (SMCC) launched a new marketing campaign with an eye to Fall enrollment that highlights unique facts about SMCC to help prospective students make SMCC their smart college choice.

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Energy Efficient Apps?

multi-channel communications program for energy

Efficiency Maine wanted consumers to really think about how much their old appliances are costing and how ENERGY STAR® appliances could help them save, year after year. Vreeland launched a multi-channel communications program to educate Mainers on potential savings.

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