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Shoe customization tool

Rancourt & Company is a Maine company that still makes fine men’s shoes by hand. We designed Rancourt’s award-winning e-commerce website – then we took it up a notch for the ultimate in custom shoe design. We worked with Rancourt to produce a shoe customization tool that lets you design your shoes down to the last detail. To create the customization tool, Rancourt gave us 14 different styles in basic grey. We took this limited edition collection and played it out across every possible variation, colorizing the shoes in 20 different colors, and digitizing a variety of leathers, textures, thread colors, and sole treatments. From just 14 styles we created some 2,000 optical images that shoe lovers can use to design their own individual look. Our digital work saved Rancourt the expense of creating hundreds of different shoes. Plus customers love it. Rancourt reports outstanding results since the shoe customization tool launched.