Take a Virtual Tour

People learn in different ways. Efficiency Maine wanted to help web visitors understand the full breadth of their programs in a more visual way. Vreeland developed a “whole house” graphic that provides an at-a-glance perspective of the many resources they offer.

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Animating the Conversation

Animated GIFs for Shoe Client

There’s nothing like animation to move your audience. Rancourt & Co. wanted to demonstrate its online shoe customization tool both in email and at an industry event in New York. We created an animated GIF file that runs in a loop and adds action to a static image.

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Color Me Happy

Sneakers calendar design

Sneakers is Bath Savings’ kids banking mascot, and he loves giving fun gifts to his friends. This year he gave kids a Sneakers Color-In Calendar. Creative Director Rebecca Morse designed a calendar with a black and white drawing of Sneakers for every month of the year.

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Thanks for Sharing!

Rancourt’s shoe customization tool, which we helped create, has gone social. Once you’re happy with your custom-designed shoe, you can share it straight to Facebook. Friends can click your link to see your shoe, tweak it to their own taste, or design their own.

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Kids Count at Bath Savings Bath Savings Institution

Bath Savings has a unique banking program just for kids. The mascot, Sneakers, shows kids how to have fun watching their money grow. For Halloween we introduced an interactive game on the bank’s website, called ‘Count with Sneakers’, featuring Sneakers as Count Dracula.

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Colorize, Visualize, Customize

Shoe customization tool

We designed Rancourt’s award-winning e-commerce website – then we took it up a notch for the ultimate in custom shoe design. We worked with Rancourt to produce a shoe customization tool that lets you design your shoes down to the last detail.

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