Web Developermark@vreeland.com


Mark is a seasoned and sophisticated Web Developer – but that’s just part of his story. Read on.

You bring some pretty heavy credentials to web/applications development.
I don’t know about heavy. I have over 15 years of development, programming and graphic design experience. My background includes a lot of experience designing and building web-based applications and e-commerce sites.

You’re very client centric. Where does that come from?
My graduate studies were in public relations, advertising and management. So it’s not all code. It’s definitely about the client and keeping that in front of everything we do.

Let’s talk code. You first.
At the back end I do PHP, ColdFusion and at the front end, HTML, CSS and JavaScript/jQuery. More?

I work with MySQL and SQL Server databases, WordPress and CodeIgniter frameworks and Linux/Apache and IIS administration servers.

You’ve worked with some very impressive brands …
I’ve done design and development for Cigna Insurance, CVS/pharmacy, LoJack, SIG Sauer, the United States Navy and Teradyne, among others.

Enough about business. What’s this about you and wild things?
I’m big into cats ever since I was at the University of West Florida and three orphan cats trekked from outside the dorm straight up to my room. The campus had a lot of cats that were left by departing students so we formed a humane association to care for them. I have one cat, Kairo. I also volunteer at a wolf dog preserve and at Squam Lakes Natural Science Center.

Anything else in your off hours?
I’m very much into archery.

Mark has a B.A. in International Studies and an M.A. in Communication Arts from The University of West Florida. Not your typical web developer resume but then Mark is not your typical web developer.
Not sure what that means, but thanks.