Digital Marketing


Mary is a Google-certified search marketing professional with 20+ years of marketing experience. She’s spent the last 15 years focused on digital marketing, specifically pay per click/paid search (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), and social media optimization (SMO) for both B2C and B2B marketers.

What industries are you experienced in?
I started in aviation marketing, then moved into the confectionery industry. From there I joined a small startup in Newburyport, MA where I truly discovered my love for digital marketing. Digital feeds both my “geek” side and my creative side.

Other industry experience includes: healthcare, hospitality, travel, manufacturing, ecommerce, education, engineering, fashion, food (pet & human), financial, law, marine, pharmaceutical, non-profit, political, real estate, security, technology, telecommunication, sports and entertainment.

That’s quite a range of experience. Have you found commonalities across various industries?
Definitely. I sometimes ask clients to keep a “bug list” — basically a list of anything that bugs them regarding the ever-evolving world of digital marketing. And a lot of times I hear the same issues arise — from competitors ranking above them, to frustrations with working with third party systems and their tracking limitations. A client’s “bug list” can reveal so much. That, along with understanding the overarching goals and objectives of an organization, help to create a realistic digital marketing plan with greater opportunities for success.

Okay, what does Mary French do outside of the Digital Marketing world?
Boating is my passion, I grew up on a marina on Cape Cod, so it’s in my blood. When I am not working or boating, I enjoy playing pool, skiing (both on water and snow), the Red Sox, Jeopardy, wine, fishing, working out, and my cats. I was an avid equestrian in my younger years, a hunter jumper—so that is still ingrained in me as well.

Of course, family, friends and colleagues are the backbone to all my life’s experiences. Experiencing and learning are so much more special when you share with important people in your life.