As a design student Rich learned to think beyond a single discipline. It’s still what he loves most today: thinking across media for Vreeland clients and presenting them in the best possible way to the world.

So marketing is not just about design or content. It’s bigger than that, right?
It’s just smart strategy. Thinking big on the client’s behalf and leveraging every tool, and every marketing discipline, to help them succeed.

How does that play into what you’re doing today as Creative Partner and President?
When I joined Vreeland in 1999 as a web designer, it was a new position in a new medium. Today I’m excited to integrate my digital design and development experience, and my traditional advertising design training, into a more global point of view on behalf of our clients.

You liked Vreeland from the start … enough that you bought it in 2013.
I loved the optimistic energy, and the way Midge

and Stew Vreeland, who started the agency in 1978, treated not just me, but everybody. We have a solid, seasoned team, almost like a family. We get the culture and seek to perpetuate it.

Your client relationships are incredibly strong, too.
Relationships have always been one of the agency’s strongest attributes: the level we’ll go to in order to understand our clients, become friends, and make their cause our own.

What’s next at Vreeland?
We’re looking to strengthen Vreeland’s full-service roots and embrace that even more closely. Again, it’s not just about the web or an ad. It’s about getting to a comprehensive perspective in everything we and our clients do.

What’s this about climbing Katahdin, again?
For my 40th birthday I hiked Maine’s tallest mountain. I did it again the next year, and again in 2012 with my Dad and Jeff Cobbett.

I severely sprained my ankle about half a mile into the climb, but made it up and back. The view was grand and the experience was great, even though my ankle was ugly.

Maybe you should stick to singing …
Ha! Maybe I should. It’s certainly less dangerous! I do enjoy singing, and also love spending time with my three kids, following my wife Cindy’s blog, watching crime drama, writing, reading, napping and defeating the bad guys of various video games. I’m also active at church.

Rich holds a B.A. in Advertising Design from Oklahoma Christian University and an A.A. from Northeastern Christian Jr. College in Villanova, PA, where he graduated magna cum laude. Anything else?
Once spring arrives, I’ll be training for my next hike. Katahdin for the 4th time? Or Mt. Washington? TBD!