Senior Account


Sheldon has the unique ability to get up to speed fast on new clients and entirely new categories of business. He also has a talent for getting in sync quickly with the diverse communication styles of clients and colleagues.

That’s a great quality in an AE.
Thank you. Understanding that everyone has a distinct way of communicating means I can leverage my Vreeland colleagues’ strengths and deliver to client expectations.

You’ve worked with major brands and category leaders.
I’ve worked for a $1.4 billion brand, L.L. Bean, and collaborated with other category leaders worldwide, including K2 Sports, Ikea, Timberland, Nike, and Marks and Spencer. Having worked with businesses from the inside and the agency side, I understand the day-to-day challenges they face.

You also ran your own business.
I did. I learned the agency side at a nationally recognized marketing and interactive firm. After that, I started my own agency, which enabled me to specialize in high-tech, alternative energy, and sustainability. We launched countless new brands and helped many mid-stage businesses over the hump to bigger better business. It was an invaluable experience in learning all aspects of client strategy, planning and execution.

How are you bringing that experience to clients at Vreeland?
As an agency owner I participated in every stage of the marketing process. This has given me uncommon insight into the value that specialized team members bring to a client. I appreciate the intricacies of a client’s organization and audience, and collaborate closely with our marketing strategist and creative directors to hone in on and achieve client goals.

My career focus has been relationship building, branding, positioning and consumer behavior. I bring that to Vreeland through client service and strategy, audience targeting and key messaging.

I’m excited about being back in a larger team environment. I’m an extrovert so I generate energy and ideas through collaboration. Vreeland is all about collaboration with colleagues — and clients.

Sheldon studied at Southern New Hampshire University and is wild … about the wild.
I grew up on Lake Winnipesaukee and love the outdoors: skiing, hiking, paddling, sailing. My wife Lisa and I are also very active in animal rescue. We’ve fostered numerous dogs and cats over the years.

Nice to have you on board, Sheldon.
Nice to be here.