Middle School Marketers Ready for Super Bowl

Rebecca Morse shared her experiences as a creative director with Freeport Middle School students – and learned something herself: When it comes to creative, they think big. The school event was designed to educate and inspire kids about future professions. Discussions ranged from a typical day-in-the-life at a marketing agency to their favorite Super Bowl

The Friday Five – Creative Bus Stop Ads

Advertising at bus stops can be a great way to reach people. Like most media, the more imaginative efforts tend to stand out. Here are five examples of creative bus advertising done right. 1) Fisch Franke’s Living Poster – This German seafood restaurant wanted to illustrate just how fresh their catch of the day really

The Friday Five – Space Themed Advertising Examples

Our post about the use of social media in outer space by astronaut Chris Hadfield got some gears turning here at Vreeland HQ. From campaigns to branding home runs, space has been a recurring feature in advertising for years. Here’s a look at five effective forms of advertising or branding that have some kind of