Friday Five – Vreeland Gives Back Part Three

The holidays are all about giving – and giving back. This year Vreeland is giving to the charities we love most. Don’t miss our previous picks, everything from sailing and shelter to big cats and kids. Happy holidays! THE PIXEL FUND “There are many wonderful organizations that help place dogs in forever homes. I lucked

Friday Five – Vreeland Gives Back Part Two

This holiday we’re recognizing our favorite non-profits. Vreeland is giving to them all on our behalf. Thank you, Midge and Stew! Be sure to see last week’s favorites, and come back for next week’s too! SPECIAL OLYMPICS “Through sailing, I’ve had the privilege of meeting a number of Special Olympic athletes. This organization provides opportunities

Friday Five – Vreeland Gives Back

Vreeland is celebrating the holidays by giving to our favorite charities. Happy holidays to you and the people (and causes) you love most. Here’s this week’s fab five – watch for next week’s. Got a favorite of your own? Good Theater “The theater bug got a hold of me at an early age. Five, to

Friday Five – Practical Office Halloween Costumes

Not all office Halloween costumes are created equal. For those of us that can’t go all out, here are 5 simple ideas that will allow you to look professional for as long as you want, but still have a creative workplace costume. Office Friendly Halloween Costumes Clark Kent – This one is perfect for those

Friday Five – How We Roll

Ever wonder how Vreeland employees get to work? Here are 5 of the unique vehicles that get us to and from our offices in Yarmouth, Maine. 1963 Gran Turismo Hawk Stew Vreeland’s 1963 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk is one slick cruiser. He’s been getting around in it since 1976 and it still looks as good

Friday Five – Reasons To Blog

A blog on your website is a great way to meet all kinds of goals. Here are the top 5 reasons you should have a company blog. Personality Blogging is a great way to show off your business’ personality. There’s something unique about every business, and somewhere, someone wants to read about it. It’s up

Friday Five – Best Instagram Practices For Business

Does your business have an Instagram account? Some businesses, like Rancourt & Company have impressive accounts and use Instagram in ways that keep followers commenting and coming back for more. Do you know what it takes to run a good Instagram business account? Follow this advice and you’ll be getting new followers in no time!

Friday Five – Summertime Apps

Friday Five Vreeland

While many of us agree that our smartphones should stay pocketed as much as possible while enjoying good weather, there are a few apps that have the potential to enhance, and even save, the summer for you! Here are five mobile apps that will put you on the path to summertime fun. On The Grill

Friday Five – Pinterest Boards to Enhance Your 4th

When planning a 4th of July party, you might not think that social media would be the place to turn for inspiration, but if there’s one thing that Pinterest does well, it’s party planning. Since it’s the perfect platform for getting creative ideas, here are five Pinterest boards that are sure to spruce up your

The Friday Five – Creative Bus Stop Ads

Advertising at bus stops can be a great way to reach people. Like most media, the more imaginative efforts tend to stand out. Here are five examples of creative bus advertising done right. 1) Fisch Franke’s Living Poster – This German seafood restaurant wanted to illustrate just how fresh their catch of the day really