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Why Use PPC Landing Pages?

Landing Pages

A landing page is a term for the first page someone sees (or lands on) when they click a link to visit a site for the first time. Landing pages have different applications, but for this post, we’re going to be looking at ones designed for PPC ads. Before you create a landing page, it’s

Friday Five – Top PPC Spenders

Friday Five Vreeland

In an earlier post regarding pay per click advertising, What is PPC?, we talked about bidding for keyword terms and how that impacts an online marketing budget. The term “New Orleans mesothelioma lawyer”, for example, may cost $400 per click. But since it doesn’t get searched that often, the company sponsoring the ad may not

What is PPC?

What is PPC

What is PPC? When you search for information in Google, you may have noticed that the first few results, and those in the sidebar, are highlighted in yellow and labeled “sponsored posts”. Those results are actually ads that cater to the search term you have entered, as well as your physical location. Every time you