How to Increase the ROI of a Website

return on investment

An organization’s website should serve as the foundation for all of its marketing efforts. In order for a website to function as a sales prospecting and/or deal-closing tool (and every website should) it must be strategically planned and developed and then managed with discipline toward specific goals and objectives.

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What You Need to Know About ‘Mobilegeddon’ – Coming April 21st

You may have noticed a bit of frenzy in the digital marketing world about Google’s upcoming algorithm update being dubbed “mobilegeddon.” Yes, that’s what it’s being called – just in case you weren’t confused or freaked out enough. If you haven’t caught wind of this, that’s ok, but there are a few things that you should know about before – and after – the update.

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6 Tips for Local Search Success

Optimizing for local search

In the increasingly competitive digital marketing landscape, local businesses have a secret weapon – local search. Google and other search engines are always adapting to anticipate what we’re looking for. They know when we search for certain keywords, we’re probably looking for something that’s nearby. Google, in particular, recently released a major update focused on local search called Pigeon.

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Don’t Dress Up Your Meta Descriptions

What is a Meta Description? Meta elements of a webpage provide information to search engines which can be used to help categorize and rank the page correctly. The two most important elements when talking about SEO, are the title tag, and description tag. While the title tag can have a direct impact on how your