Social Media Management Tools to Make Your Job Easier

Social Media Management Tools

It’s a crazy and exciting world in social media land. Whether you’re focusing your efforts primarily on Facebook or dipping your toes into the buzzing and fast moving world of Twitter, it’s important to be listening for your brand everywhere while engaging on the primary networks that are part of your social media strategy.

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Friday 5 – Examples of Brands That Shine on Pinterest

5 Brands That Shine on Pinterest

Since its launch in 2010, Pinterest has quickly evolved beyond a social bookmarking service. The social network has become a powerful discovery platform, especially with the introduction of its Guided Search feature. Its enhanced discovery features makes it a great place for brands to gain visibility.

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Be Nice & More Social Media Wisdom From Non-Profits

Social media wisdom for non-profits

Social media and non-profits go together perfectly ­– like milk and cookies. Since non-profits have great human-interest stories to tell, and are often operating within tighter budgets, social media makes a lot of marketing sense. That’s why this month’s Social Media Breakfast Maine on Social Media and Non-Profits was so popular.

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Marketing Your Business With LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn for Business Marketing

As a digital marketer, I find that LinkedIn is one of the most misunderstood networks when it comes to social media marketing. I am often asked “how do I use LinkedIn to promote my business?” This can be a complicated question to answer. Most often people think it’s as simple as creating a company page.

The Decline of Facebook Page Reach: How to Deal (Part 2)

Dealing with Facebook Brand Reach Decline

Last time we talked about the changes in Facebook’s algorithm that have resulted in many brand and business pages losing significant reach and visibility among their community. You may think there’s nothing left to do other than pay to ensure fans actually see your content – but don’t get your credit card out just yet.

Should Your Business Be on Instagram?

Should your business have an Instagram account?

If you want to know where some of Facebook’s users are going, check Instagram. The photo-sharing app has grown at an exponential rate over the last few years, winning hearts with visual social media that plays well with other networks like Twitter and Facebook. As a social network that is still largely composed of early