Social Media Success – The Saco Drive-In


How Social Media Helped Save A Business For movie theaters, digital projectors are pretty much standard today. It’s how Hollywood wants to distribute movies, and it’s getting harder and more expensive to get titles on projection film. Most theaters have made the change to digital, but for the ones that haven’t, the $80,000 price tag

Is Scheduling Social Media Posts a Bad Idea?

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What Are Scheduled Posts? Do you know you can schedule your social media posts in advance? Through the use of native and external software, you can pre-load posts into all kinds of social media channels. Using a paid web service like Hootsuite, for example, allows you to control your businesses Facebook and Twitter posts so

Friday Five – Pinterest Boards to Enhance Your 4th

When planning a 4th of July party, you might not think that social media would be the place to turn for inspiration, but if there’s one thing that Pinterest does well, it’s party planning. Since it’s the perfect platform for getting creative ideas, here are five Pinterest boards that are sure to spruce up your

How To Manage Your Online Presence

Personal Account Management Do you know what results appear when you Google your own name? No matter what your interests or area of expertise, it’s important to acknowledge and evaluate your online presence from time to time. Online search engines have become the unofficial go-to background check for people all over the world, and it’s

Out Of This World Social Media

Out of this world social media.

When you’re looking for inspiration, it’s easy to look to the stars. When you’re looking for social media inspiration, you can sometimes turn to the same place. There has never been a better use of social media on Earth than what we have seen from Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield over the past five months. On

Five Excuses To Not Have A Facebook Page

Why would you not want to take advantage of the world’s largest social network? We feel that there’s no good reason for your business not to have a Facebook page, but there are seemingly plenty of good excuses. Here are some of the most common reasons businesses don’t have a Facebook page, along with our

Ace Hardware’s Missed Opportunity

In December 2012 the Sundance Film Festival announced the finalists in its Short Film Program. Of the over 8,000 films submitted, only 65 made the cut. One was a pseudo documentary called When Zombies Come. It was created by a group of Georgia State students “obsessed with zombies and the Walking Dead” (their words) who