Cindy Davies

Managing Partner

As managing partner, Cindy Davies’ task is to see the forest — and the trees. She does, naturally. Plus, she’s incredibly creative and entrepreneurial. She previously owned businesses as diverse as design services and manufacturing.

Your advertising experience began with a broadcast agency in Oklahoma City?
I parlayed a 3-month internship with New West Group in OKC into a 2-year job working with clients from upscale retail to 7-Eleven. We also did sports marketing. I took my boss’s motto to heart: It’s not creative unless it sells.

What about Davies Design?
While Rich and I were still in school we did freelance work for bigger agencies and had our own clients, including the regional office of Sprint. All our clients came through word-of-mouth, many from the pre-press bureau, craftsmen who saw work from all over Oklahoma City. That was a great endorsement.

How did the Vreeland connection develop?
In 1998, it was time to either grow our business in Oklahoma City, or move back East where our families were. We visited Maine, had great informational interviews at agencies including Vreeland, and loved our experience here. We moved to Maine and continued to work with our Oklahoma clients until Rich got the call from Midge & Stew.

What about you?
I worked at Vreeland as an account executive in 2000-2001, then devoted my time to our growing family. One of my most rewarding experiences was working with the children’s workshop at church to put on a multimedia interactive experience (sometimes that meant a slide projector and a bedsheet) each week for the toughest of audiences — kids! My blog,, is a rambling mishmash of my creative dabblings outside of graphic design.

Whew! All that and three children, too.
I feel blessed to be the mother of our incredibly creative, inspirational children, Cole, Summer and Gareth. I spend a lot of time playing production artist to their creative direction!

You have a B.A. in Advertising Design from Oklahoma Christian University, with a concentration in marketing. But you actually started your career path much younger.
I love typography, copywriting and corporate identity. I used to draw alphabets in my school notebooks. As a kid, I didn’t realize it was a job: I could be a font creator! Maybe I still can…